Boiler Installation

Along with supplying and installing boilers and stokers we also offer a full range of advice on the best system for you.

You should choose your biomass boiler size based on the expected heating demand. Trust Axe Biotech to figure this out for you. We will account for certain key factors such as...

  • building type, dimensions, and total external wall area
  • heat loss through walls, windows, floors, roof, and ventilation
  • geographic location
  • quantity of radiators
  • whether it’s a regular boiler or a combi
  • water flow rate

We guide for the the optimal kW output based on the number of rooms, the efficiency of insulation, and whether the boiler also heats your tap water. At Axe Biotech we can establish the right boiler size for you.

Axe Biotech Boilers Ltd
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Carlow Ireland

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