ECO Comfort

ECO Comfort - Proudly the top-selling model is the boiler that originated from perennial research. As well as from meticulous listening users’ reviews and demands of the market itself. Perennial adjustments and improvements created a next-generation pellet boiler.

An innovative volcano-like furnace with a strictly controlled pellet supply gives premium results in terms of combustion efficiency of over 92%.

The name ECO Comfort has already been justified in its both segments. We are dealing with the boiler which, due to its efficiency and regulated combustion process, satisfies all, even the most strict ecological norms in this domain. While using, comfort ensures fully automated control and long maintenance and cleaning intervals.

Besides the Wi-Fi module, the room thermoregulator, and other gadgets from this opulent range of additional equipment, this boiler is ready to obey every demand of yours, even automatically taking care of temperature while you are away or occupied.

An elegant look and a likable design are just a pleasant exterior of a, whatsoever, robust boiler intended for long and care-free usage.

Radijator Series TKAN 1-2
TKAN 60-300 series & TKAN 80-300 Integra
Ecocomfort 25 -45
Ecoflame Plus
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Carlow Ireland

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