Ecoflame Plus

Ecoflame Plus - First compact boiler on pellets with a revolutionary volcano-like furnace.

A new model combines the most modern solutions which make the degree of energy utilization reach a value of over 92% making it the leader in its class and the best in terms value-for-money.

Premium technology in a very small package makes this boiler perfect for houses and objects with limited space for facilities.

Loading and installing, even in the hardest conditions such as basements and spaces under the stairs are no longer a challenge. The fact that it is twice lighter (375kg) than boilers of similar power makes the handling easier while not saving at all in terms of thickness and material quality for making furnace and heat exchanger.

Maintenance has never been easier. Only one move of the lever simultaneously cleans all heat exchanger pipes which ensures a constantly high degree of energy utilization and low pellet consumption.

Be quite care-free even when you are far from home because, thanks to the connectivity with the Wi-Fi devices, heating regulation has now become completely automatic. The control system also allows the upgrade for heating sanitary water or accumulation. It is also possible to expand the capacity by adding an extra 320kg pellet silo for multiday operation autonomy.

Design quality and emission of harmful gasses even meet the most demanding European according to EN303-5 directives , so this model can be called the boiler of the future.

Radijator Series TKAN 1-2
TKAN 60-300 series & TKAN 80-300 Integra
Ecocomfort 25 -45
Ecoflame Plus
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