GEJS Alcon 3A Boiler

GEJS Alcon 3A Boiler - 37 kW Thermal Power Burns wood pellets, wooden chips, solid fuel etc. Available with stoker for a complete firing system


Fires with almost anything, incl. solid fuel.
Large combustion chamber with easy access.
Direct ash discharge through drawer.
Optimal firing economy.
No small, difficult smoke pipes to be cleaned.

Choosing the right boiler
Complete automatic firing systems
5-16 Boiler GEJS Alcon
6 Boiler GEJS Alcon
3A Boiler GEJS Alcon
3A-50 Boiler GEJS Alcon
125 Boiler GEJS Alcon
250 Litre GEJS Alcon
1250 Litre GEJS Alcon
3000 Litre GEJS Alcon
4000 Litre GEJS Alcon
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