GEJS Stoker 250 Litre

GEJS Stoker 250 Litre 250 litre magazine on adjustable wheels Uses wood pellets and small granulates Systems available from 6kw to 125 kw


Powerful steel all over.
Great efficiency.
Door with gas damper and door switch.
Powerful gear motor without chain drive.
Incredibly easy control – can be operated by anyone.
CE-labelled according machinery directive 2006/42/EF EF
24 l. fire extinguisher with thermal sensor, manometer etc.
Screw with 4, 8 or 10 mm thick turners.
Magazine with height-adjustable wheels.
Easy access to all parts.
Easy to clean.
Most models can be enlarged for bigger volume.

Choosing the right stoker
Complete automatic firing systems
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GEJS Stoker 250 Litre
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