GEJS Stoker 3000 Litre

3000 litre magazine on adjustable wheels Uses wood chips, ordinary chips, wood pellets, sawdust and other bio material 0-6 cm Systems available from 6kw to 125 kw


Powerful steel all over.
Great efficiency.
Door with gas damper and door switch.
Powerful gear motor without chain drive.
Incredibly easy control – can be operated by anyone.
CE-labelled according machinery directive 2006/42/EF EF
24 l. fire extinguisher with thermal sensor, manometer etc.
Screw with 4, 8 or 10 mm thick turners.
Magazine with height-adjustable wheels.
Easy access to all parts.
Easy to clean.
Most models can be enlarged for bigger volume.

Choosing the right stoker
Complete automatic firing systems
GEJS Alcon 5-16 Boiler
GEJS Alcon 6 Boiler
GEJS Alcon 3A Boiler
GEJS Alcon 3A-50 Boiler
GEJS Alcon 125 Boiler
GEJS Stoker 250 Litre
GEJS Stoker 1250 Litre
GEJS Stoker 3000 Litre
GEJS Stoker 4000 Litre
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Carlow Ireland

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