Monoblock R290 Heatpumps

A heat pump can be defined as a universal solution for a space comfort achieving. It is an integrated system that combines space heating and cooling function, and domestic hot water (DHW) preparation as well. It, therefore, offers versatile solution, which can be used throughout the whole year. It can replace any type of boiler or operate in combination with it, as an integrated hybrid system.


Powerful heating & Ideal for replacement

The main energy source for Centrometal monoblock heat pump is free-of-charge natural energy from the air.With only a small amount of electrical energy, heat pump can provide heat for your house. Compared withboiler, heat pump is a more efficient product with environmental protection. On the other hand, the powerfulheating capacity of providing 75℃ hot water makes it suitable for replacing or retrofitting the current heatsource.

High Efficiency

Energy efficiency label indicates the energy efficiency level and performance data of heat pump. The purpose of energy efficiency label is to provide necessary information for users to make purchase decisions, so as to help users to choose highly energy-efficient and energy-saving products. With the help of all DC invertertechnology, Centrometal R290 heat pumps series reaches the EU Energy Efficiency A+++ at 35℃ water temperature, A++ at 55℃ water temperature, which ensures users get a better experience with a moreeconomical and reasonable cost.

Monoblock type - CHARACTERISTICS

Air-to-water heat pump

Monoblock models (6-16kW)

Eco-friendly refrigerants: R290(propane) Main flow temperature:to 75 °C Lower space heating and cooling costs Lower CO2emission

High-efficiency source for space heating and cooling

Control unit with colorful touchscreen panel controls the heat pump operation, and it can controlsystem with up to two mixing heating/cooling circuits, one direct heating/cooling circuit and DHW preparation (with DHW circulation pump operation control as well) (mandatory additionalequipment)

It can be connected to a system that uses floor heating/cooling, fan coilsand/or radiators It can be connected to a web portal afterwards

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