Peltec Boiler

Peltec Boilers are Steel hot water boilers engineered for wood pellet firing.

The boiler is installed with the burner for wood pellet firing.  The automatic firing and automatic self-cleaning function enables the reliable operation even with low quality wood pellets. The function of automatic cleaning of flue gas tubes provides the unifying exchange of the heat and a high and unifying level of boiler efficiency. A Multifunctional digital boiler controller in a basic version offers the possibility of modulating boiler operation and control of the level of pellets in the tank. Inbuilt return flow protection ensures correct boiler operation also at the lower return flow temperatures. It is possible to install a lambda probe for additionally optimizing the combustion process. The pellet tank is the integral part of the boiler. The boiler is delivered in sections for easier transport into the boiler room. It is also possible to order a CM WiFi box that allows you to monitor boiler operation, turning on/off and change temperature via internet portal (smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.)


Peltec with buffer

Characteristics of the Peltec Boiler

       Class 5 boiler.

  • Hot water boiler for central heating systems, PelTec, with integrated pellet bumer, nominal heat output 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 69 and 96 kW.
  • Low emission of harmful compounds in the flue gases.
  • Modulating operation of the boiler (30% -100%).
  • Automatic cleaning of the burner grid and flue passages.
  • Flue gas temperature sensor and level sensor pellets in the tank.
  • Integrated return flow protection with 4way mixing valve with actuator for direct heating or buffer (storage) tank systems (in systems with several heating circuits required hydraulic crossover).
  • Multifunctional digital controller with touch screen controls the boiler and can conduct one direct heating circuit and one domestic hot water circuit.
  • Emptying the ash box, after having spent 2-3 pellet tanks (400-600kg).
  • Additional equipment: CM WiFi-box for boiler supervision and boiler management (by PC, smartphone, computer etc..), CM2K module for regulation 2 (max 8) heating circuits by outside temperature., room corrector, GSM alarm, automatic pellet tank refill, external regulator, cascade manager.
  • Lambda probe (additional equipment) for additionally optimizing the combustion process.
  • The boilers are tested and certified in accordance with the standard EN303-5:2012. They satisfy the class 5 and are manufactured in accordance with the standard ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
peltec interior
peltec screen
PelTec Boiler
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