Radijator Series TKAN 1-2

Biomass boilers series TKAN 1 and TKAN 2 Boilers are available from 20kW to 50kW.

Using a generalized notion of “Biomass” that is primarily referring to pellets, but should emphasize the possibility of firing with stone fruit (cherries and cherry) and shavings from wood processing. When using these fuels means the automatic control of main operating parameters.

Efficiency of pellet is over 90%.

In normal mode temperature flue gas exit is about 120° C, and the maximum mode is below 150 ° C. These values may at any time to take in the display. Each biomass boilers series TKAN 1 and TKAN 2 has a copper heat for joining the fan for thermal insurance and valves for kindling. All parts of the water of the boiler are made of seamless pipes and boiler plate thickness of 4 mm or more, depending on the power boiler. Only the firebox is made of insulating material and massive gray cast. Biomass boilers series TKAN 1 and TKAN 2 are produced in two variants of power. TKAN 1 covers a range of forces from 20 to 35 kW and TKAN 2 is in the range 40 to 60 kW.

Radijator Series TKAN 1-2
TKAN 60-300 series & TKAN 80-300 Integra
Ecocomfort 25 -45
Ecoflame Plus
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