UNI 20 & 25 / PLUS

A compact, small-sized, pellet boiler with an abundance of equipment.

PLUS version is delivered with a pre-installed 10-liter expansion vessel, circulating pump, and jiggle valve, and all versions have flue gas pressure switch, mechanical safety valve and equipment for semi-automatic cleaning.

It is small enough to even fit into subsidiary residential and business spaces.

Pouring furnace and automatic control of the combustion process which enables multi-stage power adjustment, will help you use your resources and achieve significant long-term savings.

The rated/nominal power of 20 and 25kW makes it an ideal pick for heating smaller objects in which necessary additional equipment cannot be installed and where it is necessary to ensure reliable operation and heating.

If you choose quality pellets and add it to this quality boiler, you will have quite reliable heating with a high degree of fuel utilization and simple maintenance.

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